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Headlight Polishing


Are your headlights missing the brightness they once had?

Neglected headlights get tarnished, hazy, or discoloured over time. More so, it can endanger both the driver’s and passengers’ safety. Headlights in bad condition significantly reduce road visibility while driving at night.

Here at ARMotors, we offer the best polishing service to ensure that your headlights are shining at their brightest. We have a dedicated area in our workshop outfitted with the latest equipment to maintain your car.

Why Headlight Polishing is Important?

As headlights become foggy, the amount of light produced is diminished. The primary cause is oxidation on the lens. In severe cases, they can even ruin the original protective coating. Before you know it, driving at night gets difficult and dangerous.

Today’ headlights are made of polycarbonate, a porous material that quickly degrades during oxidation. The material is also more vulnerable to environmental factors. Major hazards include sunlight, humidity, acid rain, and road debris.

By bringing your car to our service center for headlight polishing, road visibility and nighttime effectiveness are improved. It enhances the quality of light and boosts the aesthetic appearance of the front end of your vehicle.

What is Headlight Polishing?

Headlight Polishing is the process of cleaning, sanding and polishing the lights in order to eliminate pollution and maintain its lighting performance. The process also involves the application of a clear protective coating to make the light look like new.

Cleaning and preparation is essential. Our technicians begin by taping and masking the areas around your headlights to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint and trim. Next, the oxidized layer is removed by sanding.

At ARMotors, we follow a professional two-step Headlight Polishing. First, we apply a complete cut and wax polish. The second step with a painting of clear coat on top of the headlight to preserve and protect the clear plastic headlight cover.

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