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Independent Workshop Specialist for Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley in Dubai UAE.

Dubai Investment Park 2
P.O. Box:283046
United Arab Emirates

Tel:+971 4 8841470


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Maserati Services

With ample experience in the sports car repair industry the incorporation of Maserati vehicles was a logical consequence of our company’s development.

Maserati received a dedicated area in our workshop outfitted with diagnostic equipment specifically for Maserati repairs.

Not only our equipment and facility is at European standard. Our carefully appointed technicians carry ample experience in repair and maintenance of Maserati cars.

ARM stands for high quality and professional luxury car repair. We are extending this quality to all Maserati cars in our care.


Front windshield – 1,050 AED
Side and rear window tint normal – 945 AED
(30% film with 3 years warranty on installation and fading)
Side and rear window tint premium – 1,890 AED
(30% film with lifetime warranty on installation and fading)

Leather paint interior for two door car – 3,150 AED
Leather paint interior for four door car – 3,675 AED
Seat leather paint(per seat) – 1,050 AED