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Car Repair Services

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ARMotors offers top of the line car repair and body shop services for the most high-end cars in the world. Given the value of the cars that go to our shop, we exercise nothing but the most meticulous and prudent servicing in order to ensure nothing but the best service. We specialize in car repair and restoration services for Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini particularly in the enumerated issues:

Car AC Repair

The AC is a very important component in order to get that feel-good ride especially if you are in a hot country like the UAE where the temperature could rise to extreme levels. Unfortunately, most people do not have any idea about the tell-tale signs when their AC is already malfunctioning or starting to get faulty. The following are AC issues that ARMotors can help you with:

Car Body Repair

The car’s body is what everybody sees. It would be such a shame if it is not well-maintained especially for luxury cars which are always imagined and expected to put all other cars in second place when it comes to looks. The following are car body issues that need to be repaired and ARMotors specializes with:

Car Repair

More than the looks, cars need to run and they should do so efficiently from the time you start the engine, the moment you change your gears and up to the time you step on the brakes and turn off the engine. We offer efficient regular maintenance and repair of the following:

SMART Repair

SMART repair (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) is a series of cosmetic repair techniques that provide cost-effective, quick and environmentally friendly repairs to vehicles. Examples such as micro-paint spot repair, alloy wheel rim repair and windscreen repair are a few. ARMotors uses market leading technology and innovative methods to deliver fast, high quality SMART repair to your most-valued vehicles.