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Car Paint & Detailing Services

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Detailing a car is more than just a routine work at the shop. For luxury cars, this kind of job would have to be taken with extra care and precaution. Thus, you need to make sure that the shop that you choose understands the importance of careful and meticulous work especially when dealing with cars such as Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

ARMotors is a well-trusted independent autobodyshop to do the services for you. Having an extensive experience and are certified to handle luxury cars by checking on past customers’ testimonies, looking at actual finished products, indeed, answering all your car painting and detailing needs:

Body Painting

Looking for reliable car painting services is very important especially when owning luxury cars. Remember that auto body painting is also part of dent removal and car rust repair services in most shops.

Interior Cleaning

If the exterior needs to be impressive from the color to the car polish, the inside of the car should also not fail expectations thus the need to remove dirt from every corner of the car’s interior.

Leather Wash

A lot of expensive cars come with leather upholstery and having this kind of car interior cleaned can be quite a challenge.

Floor Mats and Carpet Shampooing

The vacuuming will all go down to waste if the floor mats and carpets are returned in place without being cleaned as they will still be carrying the dust and dirt.

Cut and Wax Polish of Exterior Paint

There are the finishing touches that need to be done which include the cut and wax polish of exterior paint in order to complete the whole package of re-inventing the way your car looks.

Paint Protected with Car Wax for Several Washes

This is very important considering that you cannot just leave your car very susceptible to possible damage and dirt after all the process it has gone though.

Paint Protection Service

Add another layer of barrier to your car’s paint from possible damage using car paint sealant. Compared to wax which needs to be applied every couple of days, sealants offer longer paint protection from ultraviolent rays, small debris, pollution, acid rain and even minerals.

All of these services and more are what drive the operations of ARMotors. It has been able to perfect its repair and detailing services to be able to give satisfactory results especially to sports and luxury cars owners who, among others, are known to be very meticulous when it comes to bringing their expensive cars to shops.