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Bodyshop & Restoration

The accident repair industry has changed noticeably over the years. A modern high-end sports car has nearly 25 to 30% plastic parts. These plastic parts come in various qualities and contain different components (polypropylene, abs, polyethylene, polyurethane, hydrel) depending of their usage. More and more aluminum parts are finding access to the car industry. Some cars have a full aluminum chassis other have integrated aluminum parts to save weight and give more impact strengths in crucial areas.

This is by far not the end. Car manufacturers are developing e.g. carbon fiber, which will be used on major load bearing structural parts and some manufacturers are working on technology, which include robotically woven carbon fiber panels.

With these new elements accident repair became and is becoming more complex and the material know how level of body shop employees had to increase with it. Together with these new technologies the repair methods, equipment, paint and auxiliary products used in body shops are constantly changing.

The turnaround or repair time in modern repair facilities such as the ARM bodyshop is 2 days, based on an average paint repair.

ARM is using only OEM approved equipment, paint material paint accessories and repair processes.

All ARM paint technicians underwent a comprehensive training from the paint, spray booth and spray gun manufacturer on the latest paint application technologies, paintwork processes and color mixing techniques.

The equipment used, spray booth, spray guns, filters, UV dryers are geared towards environmental friendliness and high efficiency, thus causing less environmental footprint. High volume low-pressure spray guns are helping to keep the paint consumption at the manufacturer specified low level whereby fade out paint technique is assisting to create an invisible paint repair.

The ARM spray booth is equipped to allow an equally distributed high volume air flow, which will not only assist in a fast drying process but also permit modern paint products like High Solids to speed up the repair cycle and reduce paint consumption while being more environmentally friendly.

The UAE is exposed to harsh elements such as sun, salt water and extremely fine sand. All jobs completed in the ARM body shop will protect the repaired parts and areas appropriately from these extreme elements.

ARM body shop is fitted out with the latest technology and trained paint technicians ensuring high quality accident repair for luxury sports cars.